NASA Speed News, Volume 6, Issue 10, November

Western States Championships


1 >> ROB KRIDER earned his second consecutive Honda Challenge 4 Championship at Thunderhill.

Funny story. Actually, a number of stories. Speed News contributing writer and Honda Challenge racer Rob Krider built a Honda Challenge 4 car and wrote several feature stories about it for this magazine. Then when the car was complete, he shook it down, dialed it in and then went out and won the Honda Challenge 4 Championship with it in 2016. Fast forward to the offseason, when rulebooks can change — and the H4 rules did— his car was no longer legal in H4. So, the car sat idle for much of 2017 as he modified it to meet the new rules, and then brought it back to the Western States Championships, and though the H4 field consisted of Krider and his teammate Keith Kramer, Krider took the Championship, HONDA CHALLENGE 4 posting consistent 2:08 lap times all weekend. “This was a very sweet Championship for us because last year they made a bunch of rule changes based on my car’s engine management system,” Krider said. “So, my feeling was, fine, we’ll put a stock computer back in it and still kick everybody’s butt, and that’s what we proved today.” Kramer, who was chasing Krider all weekend opted for

2 >> KEITH KRAMER made an early race move, but couldn’t hold the lead over Rob Krider and finished second in Honda Challenge 4


loose, loose, loose,” Kramer said. “So, he went by me in Turn 3 and the rest is history. He’s an awesome driver. Once he got by me, I wasn’t going to catch him.” For 2018, the single National Championships event at COTA will bring together a larger field, so Krider will have to prove his point again on a bigger stage.

smaller tires in Saturday’s qualifying race, but the change in gear ratios left him trying to learn new shift points and he ended up floating a valve and mangling a cylinder head in the process. “My crew did an awesome job putting a new head on. They got me out there today and I got him on the start, but I was


3 >> WILSON POWELL ran unopposed and took the PTD Championship.



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