NASA Speed News, Volume 6, Issue 10, November


AMERICAN IRON Corey Weber had a firm grip on the American Iron qualifying races on Friday and Saturday, so he was looking to make it three for three on Sunday. When the time to came to determine the setup for Sunday’s race, he decided to leave well enough alone and use pole position to his advantage. That proved to be a costly error, and his main competitor Ryan Walton was around him by Turn 1. Also, one of the great mysteries at the beginning of the race was what happened to the other half of the six- car American Iron field. Walton had established a comfortable lead when a 944 Spec car spilled some fluids in Turn 7, causing a few spins and requiring a cleanup, so out came the double-yellows, and the field bunched up. When the

1 >> RYAN WALTON chased Corey Weber in qualifying races, but he had the car to beat on Sunday, and he won the American Iron Championship. different car today. Super loose,” Weber said. “I think I made a bad tire decision. I figured we were good keeping the same tires on, but it was a whole different car. That’s all right, though. We had a good time.” That left third place to Leo Overgaag, who didn’t get the competition he was looking for because three other drivers left. “I had a great time. I knew a couple of guys in our class left, so there was only the three of us. With the fire, they ended up leaving,” Overgaag

green flag re-emerged, Walton took off and picked up the American Iron Championship. “I was real worried when the yellow came out because I had a good lead before that came out and I was, ‘Oh, it’s gone.’ He could get lucky and get by me, but it didn’t happen,” Walton said. “I was getting through those E30s as fast as I could. I got a bigger and bigger gap. I took a couple of chances. It’s the Championships, so you’ve got to try. I didn’t punt anybody off the track, or anything. I tried not to screw up anybody else’s race as best I could.” Weber, who has at least two American Iron Championships, finished second with a car that wasn’t behaving as well as he would have hoped. “We thought we had it in the bag. The car, it was a completely

said. “I knew they were a lot faster, so I was just out there having a good time.”

2 >> COREY WEBER won both qualifying races, but came up short on Sunday, and took second in American Iron.

3 >> LEO OVERGAAG didn’t have the pace of the front runners at Thunderhill, but he took third place in American Iron.




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